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MonuMaven FAQ

Quick and easy answers to your memorial questions

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A representative will inspect the gravesite in New York, New Jersey or Jerusalem, and advise you of the exact styles and/or specs for:

  • Purchasing a new memorial
  • Duplicating a monument or plaque
  • Adding an inscription to a pre-existing Double Headstone or Marker
  • Repairing a memorial

MonuMaven Cemetery Info

Background info on major
NY and NJ Cemeteries

Let’s face it. Most of us are really not well versed in the subject of memorials. Unfortunately, when the time comes grieving family members are often overwhelmed with agonizing choices and decisions. This FREE service will provide you with quick and concise answers to questions ranging from styles and options to time-honored customs and family traditions.

Questions Answers

I am uncomfortable dealing on-line with faceless entities. 

We are a local reputable dealer. You can visit us at our showroom or we can provide you with references upon request. See our About Us and Testimonials pages.

My funeral home sells monuments. They served me well with the funeral, why should I consider purchasing a monument elsewhere?

They are funeral specialists not monument specialists. JewishMonuments.Com specializes in monuments & memorials only. We provide a superior product at a better price. You may email us their quote to and we will show you how we can do better. 

My funeral director recommended a specific dealer, why should I consider using someone else?

Be an educated consumer. Compare quality and price. We do not pay any funeral home commissions for their recommendations. Our prices are therefore lower. You may email us their quote to and we will show you how we can do better. 

When should a monument be ordered?

Whenever one begins to think about a monument is a good time to start researching and ordering the monument.
There are many factors involved and initiating the order early on is better than trying to rush the process later.

When should a monument be installed ?

The time for installing a monument is dependant on custom. The most common custom is before the yartzeit (1st anniversary of passing according to the Jewish calendar.) In some Hasidic circles monuments are erected immediately following Shiva (7 days from demise) or the traditional Shloshim (30 day) period of mourning. In Jerusalem, monuments are generally erected 30 days after burial.
If one has no specific custom, any time within the year is acceptable.

How long does it take to install the monument? generally completes a monument within 8 – 12 weeks. We can accommodate rush orders and have a monument carved and installed in as soon as 1 week (restrictions may apply).
Depending on the season, we may need to store the monument until the cemetery completes the foundation.


What type of memorilization do I need?  I don’t know where to begin.  Can you help me?

There many variables. It depends on the cemetery and the location within the cemetery. Use our exclusive MonuMaven lookup service. We will send a field representative to the gravesite. He will do a visual inspection of the area and be able to advise you as to the size and style of headstone, footstone or tombstone that will fit well in the area.

Can you guide me with what to write on the monument?

That is one of our specialties.  We can guide you to create an inscription that will express your feelings in English, Hebrew, Yiddish or Russian.  Call 1 877 MonuMaven (666-8628) and speak with our memorialists.

I live in another state or country.  Can I still order with you?

Regardless of where you live you can order from Jewish Monuments.Com for any New York or New Jersey or Israeli cemetery.

How do I copy an existing monument for a family member interred nearby?

See the Duplication page.
Use our exclusive MonuMaven duplication service. We will send a field representative to the gravesite. Photos, rubbing and measurements will be taken of the existing headstone to assure an accurate duplicate.
We will contact you with the information.

How do I get the second side of an existing double headstone inscribed?


Simply use our exclusive MonuMaven lookup service. We will send a field representative to the gravesite. Photos, rubbing and measurements will be taken of the existing headstone to assure an accurate duplicate inscription. We will contact you with the information.

I heard that the on-line monuments can’t just be shipped to a cemetery.  A professional local installer has to be hired. How do I get my monument delivered and “installed”?

As New York & New Jersey Jewish monument specialists, we not only design and sell.  We oversee the entire process including installation at no additional charge.

Do you only do Jewish monuments? 

We also do beautiful monuments void of any religious emblem.


Can I order a monument now?

Yes. With exclusive MonuMaven lookup service and we’ll contact you with the information ASAP.

What is an unveiling?

An unveiling is a formal dedication of a memorial. In former times family and friends may have gathered and physically installed the monument. Nowadays the memorial is installed prior to the unveiling. The stone or plaque may be veiled. Prayers are offered, words of eulogy shared and the veil is removed.

Do I need a rabbi for the unveiling service?

A rabbi is recommended but not required. A rabbi lends formality to the service and with his experience will guide the family. If one chooses to do the service themselves, they should prepare a meaningful service before arriving at the gravesite.

I am unaffiliated and would like a formal service with a rabbi. Who do I turn to?

Many cemeteries have lists of local clergy. Some offer unveiling services. You may also contact us and we will assist you. Call 1-877 MonuMaven (666-8628).

I am eligible for a veteran marker.  The cemetery advised me that the marker needs a granite base.  How do I go about obtaining one?

Simply call us at 1 877 MonuMaven (666-8628). We will assist you the paper work and advise you how you may further personalize a government marker.

My relative has a veteran marker. What kind of memorial is suitable for their spouse?

The most suitable memorialization for a spouse is a duplicate.  We can duplicate the pattern and lettering style of a bronze or granite veteran marker. See our MonuMaven Duplication LookUp page


 Don’t find your question here? Give us a call at (800) 994-3336 , and speak to a specialist today!


 This FREE service will provide you with the exact styles and specifications allowed at your cemetery and your particular section. This service will also assist you in obtaining information required to duplicate a monument, inscribe the second side of an existing double headstone or plaque and repairs to a memorial.


MonuMavenSM Lookup Forms
Monument Information Form use this form to find out what type of memorialization is appropriate
Duplication Form use this form to duplicate an existing monument or memorial
Inscription Form use this form to add an inscription to an existing monument or plaque
Repair Form use this form to repair an existing monument


Haven’t decided on a cemetery yet? Cemetery Maven can provide you with background info on major New York and New Jersey cemeteries, including location, accessibility, famous people interred, etc.

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